On Saturday 24th of June 2006, Matt Julian organised a farewell tour for the BS carriages, by chartering the last remaining BS car, BS217, to be attached to the regular Swan Hill passenger train.

A total of 32 passengers travelled on board the carriage. The BS carriages are of the older-style aisle and compartment type.

We ended up migrating between our carriage at one end, the snack bar in the middle, and the first class carriage at the other end. The other passengers were quite confused why all these people with cameras around their neck were walking up and down the train the entire trip.

In all, another fun day out, all 690 km’s of it.

The train at Swan Hill.

The train at Swan Hill

Our organiser Matt Julian hanging out the door of carriage BS217.

Our organiser Matt Julian hanging out of the door

More photos by Marcus Wong.