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V/Line fleet in the sidings at Southern Cross Station

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  • A look back at 2-car VLocity trains

    A fact some people might not know is that V/Line fleet of VLocity trains were once only two cars long. The story starts back in December 2005 when the first of 38 trains entered service. Each set consisted of two carriages seating a total of 140 passengers, with a drivers...
  • V/Line transfers to the Bendigo Rail Workshops

    Since 2015 V/Line was been utilising the services of the Bendigo Railway Workshops operated by Southern Shorthaul Railroad for the maintenance of their carriage fleet. As a result an interesting array of empty car movements have operated in recent years, transferring rolling stock between Melbourne and Bendigo. August 2017 P12...
  • V/Line diversion via the Albion-Jacana goods lines

    On Monday 24 January 2022 an interesting V/Line movement occurred - an up Seymour service was diverted via the Albion-Jacana goods lines due to a point failure at Broadmeadows.

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