The return of V/

After many years on hiatus, V/ is finally back, through smaller than it used to be.

If you have been wondering where we have been, head over to the About page.

Fleet consists as of March 2013

V/Line Classic Fleet consists as of March 2013:

N sets

SN1: ACN3-BRN53-BDN50-BN2-BN19
N3: ACN9-BRN47-BN8
N4: ACN12-BRN44-BN11
N5: ACN15-BRN40-BN13
VN6: ACN18-BRN38-ACN42-BRN41-BN14
VN8: ACN24-BRN34-ACN57-BRN56-BN55
FN9: ACN27-BRN32-BN26-BN17
N10: ACN30-BRN29-BN28
N11: ACN33-BRN31-BN25
N12: ACN36-BRN35-BN23
N13: ACN39-BRN37-BN16
SN15: ACN45-BRN43-BDN21-BN10-BN5
SN16: ACN48-BRN46-BDN6-BN7-BN22
N17: ACN51-BRN49-BN4
N18: ACN54-BRN52-BN1

H sets

SH21: BCH121-BIH181-BTH161
SSH22: BCH122-BIH182-BH142-BIH184-BH149-BTH162
SH23: BCH123-BIH183-BTH163
SH24: BCH124-BH144-BTH164
SH25: BCH125-BIH185-BTH165
SSH26: BCH126-BIH192-BH146-BIH188-BH143-BTH166
SH27: BCH127-BH147-BTH167
SSH28: BCH128-BIH187-BH148-BIH194-BH145-BTH168
SH29: BCH129-BIH189-BTH169
SH30: BCH130-BIH190-BTH170
SH31: BCH131-BIH191-BTH171
LH32: BCH132-BH152-BTH172
LH33: BCH133-BH153-BTH173
SH34: BCH134-BIH193-BTH174
SH35: BCH135-BIH186-BTH175

Fleet consists as of October 2009

V/Line rollingstock and railcar fleet effective as of 5th October 2009:

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