On Tuesday 4th September 2007, N474 ran light engine from Southern Cross to Newport Workshops to collect recently repainted and internally refurbished H set FSH25, for a test run to Geelong and back. This is is the first set undergoing refurbishment as part of the $13m rollingstock upgrade program - and is in a new V/Line livery, which comprises predominantly of shades of grey, with white doors and red and purple trim lines.

Internally the set has also been refurbished - the changes including

  • New BCH conductors van door locking system to prevent unauthorised passenger access – door can’t be opened from within the passenger saloon without a 6P key. (Same locking as that fitted to ACN conductors vans in Power Assisted Door N sets)
  • New seat covers
  • New carpet
  • New marine type toilets
  • New ‘VLocity style’ vanities
  • New curtains
  • Seating layout same as previous however the seats opposite the toilet in the BCH carriage are now of the fold up/down type, to enable wheelchair passengers to sit in their chairs away from the doors.
  • Handrails around the doors are now painted yellow for visibility
  • All existing decals inside carriages are replaced with new ones – purple ones for internal fittings and seat numbers and red ones for the doors.

Departure of the test run from Newport Workshops was around 1035, with arrival into Geelong Platform 3 at 1125. N474 then ran around the set, and departed back for Newport Workshops at 1140 - 1 hour and 8 minutes early.


Photos by Marcus Wong

N474 and FSH25 at North Shore

N474+FSH25 at North Shore

Inside the passenger saloon

Passenger saloon

Additional photos