On Monday, 24th September 2018 the first Public Transport Victoria liveried Sprinter railcar entered revenue service. As well as bearing the new livery, Sprinter 7012 also featured a modified interior layout.

Freshly repainted into PTV livery, Sprinter 7012 leads an up Bacchus Marsh service into Sunshine

Side view of the PTV livery.

Sprinter 7012 freshly repainted into PTV livery in the railcar yard at Southern Cross

A comparison of the PTV livery on Sprinter 7012 with V/Line Mk3 liveried Sprinter 7021.

Sprinter 7012 freshly repainted into PTV livery coupled to V/Line Mk3 liveried Sprinter 7021

The luggage cage at the toilet end of the railcar was replaced by a wheelchair area and VLocity-style flip down seats.

Luggage cage replaced by a wheelchair area onboard Sprinter 7012

While the rows of seats on the other side were replaced by a VLocity-style luggage rack and more flip down seats.

Rows of seats onboard Sprinter 7012 replaced by a luggage rack and wheelchair area

The rest of the saloon seating was left unchanged.

Otherwise normal saloon seating onboard refurbished Sprinter 7012

The exterior destination board was upgraded, with the original ‘flipdot’ screen replaced by a brighter LED array.

'Southern Cross' on the upgraded LED destination board of Sprinter 7012


Some people have described the front of the new PTV livery as a ‘smile’, but is it just an attempt to shoehorn the curved VLocity livery design onto a flat front?

Comparison of PTV livery applied to Sprinter and VLocity trains