In 2018 four new VLocity trains were delivered to V/Line with a modified design.

VLocity VL77 sitting at Southern Cross platform 2 for crew familiarisation

Numbered VL76-79, the changes included:

  • DM car toilet won’t be fitted. Instead, they will gain two seats in its place.
  • CCTV to saloon and forward facing out the cab windscreen.
  • Altered sanding arrangement to include the TM car, similar in set up to VL38, although it will sand either side of the TM power bogie.
  • Equipment locker to house CCTV and space for High capacity signalling (HCS) equipment.
  • Emissions to Euro II standard (particulate filter added to muffler).
  • Lowering of traction engine output to 650 hp. (For fuel economy)
  • Widening of the saloon doors at the DMD and TM ends, to comply with disabled access.
  • Train crew steps reinstalled at the TM car doors.
  • Altered seating layout and new style seats.

The exterior differences with exisitng sets are minor.

VLocity VL77 alongside VL65 at Southern Cross Station

‘Luggage area’ notice about the DMD carriage door.

VLocity VL77 sitting at Southern Cross platform 2 for crew familiarisation

Wider doors leading to the wheelchair area.

Wider doors leading to the wheelchair area of VLocity VL77

Redesigned wheelchair area.

Redesigned wheelchair area onboard VLocity VL77

New style of sets, with a mix of face to face and facing ‘club’ seating. The tray tables are also different to those found on the rest of the fleet.

New style of seating inside VLocity VL77

The emergency exit signage reflects the removed toilet.

Emergency exit signage inside VLocity VL77

VLocity VL76 and VL77 were delivered to Southern Cross Station on 28th November 2018 with set VL78 following on 17th January 2019

The three sets are yet to enter service, stabled at the Wagon Storage Yard pending issues with excessive weight.

Brand new VLocity sets VL76, VL77 and VL78 stabled at the Wagon Storage Yard

More on VLocity train weight

From the Herald Sun - VLocity train order off track as fleet built too heavy

A technical blunder has meant the Andrews Government’s prized fleet of new regional trains have been built too heavy for the tracks they run on. In the 2017-18 state Budget, the government allocated more than $300 million towards a run of 39 VLocity carriages, but staff receiving the order from Bombardier discovered the first services to arrive were overweight. The front of the train was made heavier for crash protection and extra seats were also included.