Since their entry to service in 2005 the V/Line VLocity fleet has appeared in four different liveries.

VLocity purple and green

The original VLocity livery consisted of a purple and green front fairing, green doors and purple roof fairing on a stainless steel car body.

Two eras of V/line travel - the VLocity, and loco hauled train with N472 and N set

VLocity sets VL01 through VL40 once wore this livery.

Current status:

No sets wear this livery today.

VLocity purple, green and yellow

In March 2008 newly built VLocity set VL41 was outshopped with an altered cab livery. Portions of reflective yellow were added to the cabs, along with more reflective silver directly beneath the cab windscreen.

Three car VL41 in the railcar sidings at Southern Cross

During the rollout, some sets received an interim version where only yellow anticlimber covers were fitted.

VL12 leads a classmate out of Corio

VLocity set VL29 never received the modified livery, having been scrapped following the 28 April 2006 Trawalla crash.

VLocity set VL41 was delivered in this livery, and sets VL01-40 were progressively repainted into this livery by April 2010.

VLocity sets VL01 through VL18 wore this livery until 2015-2016, when the middle 13xx carriage was added.

Current status:

VLocity set VL19-VL39 and VL41 wear this livery today.

V/Line Mk3

VLocity set VL42 was the first VLocity train to receive the red and purple V/Line Mk3 livery in June 2010.

On a few days old, 3VL49 arrives into Southern Cross with a classmate

Set VL42 was initially delivered from Bombardier with only part of the livery applied, with it being finished off before entry to service.

Car 1142 on arrival at Southern Cross

Set VL00 wore this livery until 2015, when the middle 13xx carriage was added.

Current status:

Sets VL42 through VL51 were delivered in this livery.

Public Transport Victoria livery

VLocity set VL40 was the first to receive the new Public Transport Victoria livery in 2014, following a repaint.

VLocity 3VL40 in the new PTV livery, on arrival at Southern Cross

Current status:

All VLocity sets from VL52 and above have since been delivered in this livery.

Set VL12 was repainted into PTV livery in March 2015 following accident repairs.

Sets VL00 through VL18 have also been repainted into this livery in 2015-2016, following the addition of the middle 13xx carriage.