In June 2020 two retired V/Line A class locomotives were allocated to Victorian rail heritage groups for preservation - A60 to the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre and A62 to 707 Operations.

The locomotives had been retired in 2016 and placed in long term storage at South Dynon, stripped of parts and drained of fluids.

A60, A62 and A70 stored under tarps at South Dynon

On Friday 5 June the locomotives were shunted into the appropriate order for their transfer to their new owners.

N459 shunts A70 between sidings at South Dynon

On Saturday 6 June the heritage groups came to South Dynon to collect their new toys, each bringing a collection of carriages along for the purposes of braking the unbraked A class locomotives.

A60 in front of A62 and A70 at South Dynon

The Seymour Railway Heritage Centre was first to arrive, with X31 leading S303, N463, and carriages Dining, 1VAM, Mitta Mitta, 30 AE, 1BE, 14BE.

X31 leads S303 and N463 on the up SRHC transfer move at Kensington

30AE at the end of the propelling movement from West Tower to South Dynon

A60 was placed in the middle of the transfer.

A60 in the middle of the SRHC transfer

With N463 taking it back to Seymour.

N463 shunts Dining, 1 VAM, and Mitta Mitta onto the transfer

H5 led S306 and T413 on the 707 Operations transfer, with carriages PCP 294, BRS 224, NAM 2336, LAN 2354, CLUB 1, BK 708.

H5 leads S306 and T413 on the up 707 Operations transfer at South Kensington

After running around at the Arrivals Yard, T413 leads S306 and H5 on the 707 Operations transfer into South Dynon

With H5 collecting A62 and placing it into the middle of the transfer.

H5 collects A62 from the siding at South Dynon