In 2018 it was announced than an upgraded cab design would be included on newly built VLocity trains. The first train was VL80, delivered to V/Line in November 2019.

VLocity VL80 shunts out at Dudley Street

Numbered VL80-88, changes include:

  • Modified cab frame structure to increase crash-worthiness
  • High Capacicity Signalling equipment installed and set up for trial.
  • Cab layout changed to incorporate ergonomic requirements and changes to cab structure and equipment.
  • Altered seating layout to accommodate more standing passengers.
  • Toilet reinstated in the DM car.

The main spotting feature is the much larger windscreen.

New cab design on VLocity VL80

Compared to the previously delivered sets.

N455, N452, N470, N472, VLocity VL22 and VL80 stabled at Dudley Street

During 2020 set VL80 underwent further testing around the network, while Bombardier continued to deliver further sets to V/Line. The commissioning of the new trains was delayed, with the unused sets stored at the newly constructed Wyndham Vale stabling yard awaiting a resolution.

During September 2020 these stored sets were transferred to Bombardier Dandenong or SSR Bendigo for rectification works.

VLocity VL84 and VL81 pass through Sunshine on the way from Wyndham Vale to Bombardier Dandenong

Set VL88 being the first to enter revenue service, on 20 September.

VLocity VL88 arrives into Sunshine on a down Ararat service

With set VL85 following the next day.

VLocity VL85 and VL20 on the up at Sunshine

The remainder of the fleet are undergoing modification work before their entry to service.