A project in the works for some time now is the V/LineCars Tracker. It collates service data from the V/Line app, and uses it to tracks which trains are used on which services, as well as changes to carriage set consists over time.

Next V/Line departure at Southern Cross is to 'Not in Service'

Data collection commenced in July 2020, and we have see a number of changes to the carriage found in each carriage set.

Unfortunately the data is not 100% accurate - things to keep in mind include:

  • The consist for a given service might be changed before departure time, but the data might not get updated, resulting in inaccurate data being logged by the V/LineCars Tracker.
  • Data entry errors sometimes result in non-existent carriages being included in a given consist.
  • Non-revenue movements are not included in the data, so ‘last seen’ dates reflect revenue services.
  • ‘First seen’ date reflects the first appearance in revenue service, blank values mean that a service appeared before the tracker was switched on.
  • ‘SH’ and ‘SH’ carriage sets are not tracked as 3-car sets, but as a six car long ‘SSH’ or ‘SLH’ carriage set.
  • ‘N’, ‘FN’ and ‘VN’ codes do not appear to reflect the code actually applied to the carriage set.

Service histories for each VLocity DMU, Sprinter DMU and N class locomotive can be found at https://tracker.vlinecars.com/service-histories while carriage set consist changes can be found at https://tracker.vlinecars.com/carsets.


December 2020 Update

Unfortunately V/Line have updated their data feed, and consist data is no longer available. It was good while it lasted!