Looking back at A66's career with V/Line

In August 2018 V/Line finally retired diesel locomotive A66, marking the end for the once 11 strong fleet of ‘streamliner’ A class locomotives used in Victoria. Here is a short look back at the life and times A66 has seen.

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The return of V/LineCars.com

After many years on hiatus, V/LineCars.com is finally back, through smaller than it used to be. If you have been wondering where we have been, head over to the About page.

Unusual workings for the V/Line P class locomotives

Over the years V/Line's fleet of P class locomotives have been seen on some unusual workings. Here is a selection. Freight Australia liveried P23 on hire to V/Line, leading an eight car push-pull H set out of Geelong on a Commonwealth Games special (March 24, 2006) P17 with a PH...

Last full V/Line Passenger MkII liveried train

Yesterday, Sunday 15th September, the last ever full V/Line Passenger MkII red and blue liveried train was run, consisting of N465+N18 (ACN54-BRN52-BN1).

Fleet consists as of March 2013

V/Line Classic Fleet consists as of March 2013: N sets SN1: ACN3-BRN53-BDN50-BN2-BN19 N3: ACN9-BRN47-BN8 N4: ACN12-BRN44-BN11 N5: ACN15-BRN40-BN13 VN6: ACN18-BRN38-ACN42-BRN41-BN14 VN8: ACN24-BRN34-ACN57-BRN56-BN55 FN9: ACN27-BRN32-BN26-BN17 N10: ACN30-BRN29-BN28 N11: ACN33-BRN31-BN25 N12: ACN36-BRN35-BN23 N13: ACN39-BRN37-BN16 SN15: ACN45-BRN43-BDN21-BN10-BN5 SN16: ACN48-BRN46-BDN6-BN7-BN22 N17: ACN51-BRN49-BN4 N18: ACN54-BRN52-BN1 H sets SH21: BCH121-BIH181-BTH161 SSH22: BCH122-BIH182-BH142-BIH184-BH149-BTH162 SH23: BCH123-BIH183-BTH163 SH24: BCH124-BH144-BTH164...

Quiet carriages on V/Line VLocity trains

In January 2013 V/Line launched ‘Quiet carriages’ on their VLocity trains.

Solo operation of V/Line Sprinter railcars banned

Since March 2012 the solo operation of V/Line Sprinter railcars has been banned from the V/Line network. The initial ban was introduced on 26 March following a track circuit detection failure, and included the complete rail network, but by May 2012 it was loosened so that a single Sprinter DMU...

V/Line's new livery - Part 3: locomotives

V/Line started repainted carriages and railcars in their new livery in mid 2007, but it took over a year for the first locomotive to emerge. New liveried N468 was the first locomotive to be painted into the new livery, being released in May 2008. This livery was a one off,...

V/Line's new livery - Part 2: railcars

Sprinter 7007 was the first of the class to be painted in the new V/Line livery, being launched to the public on September 12th, 2007. No further Sprinters were painted in the same way as 7007, where the bands ended midway along the train. Instead the purple band was eliminated,...

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